Cosmid Dee

First Impressions

They make it clear from the start that Cosmid is a site where almost all the babes are amateurs. They don`t model professionally but the idea of doing something naughty online is too arousing for them to pass on. Thus they end up in front of the camera doing a hot set or two for the guys out there. The preview pictures they`re giving away are pretty hot looking and they definitely manage to bring in lots of good looking babes for the enjoyment of the audience.

Hot Promises

They make a number of bold promises on the tour page and I`d be happy if they were all kept inside. They promise to update every day with pictures or videos and to have at least 500 pictures of every girl in the member`s area. They promise more than 60 girls so that means you`re coming away with a pretty impressive collection of ladies. You can enjoy those beautiful girls at your leisure when you join. They also allow you to make requests and will presumably honor them as long as you`re asking for something reasonable. The girls are pure and it looks like fun.


The member`s main page starts with a quick note from the site`s producers along with the latest updates. I`m pleased to report that they`ve stuck to their daily update schedule without fail. I would imagine they`re going to stop doing that at some point because it must be expensive and incredibly time consuming but for now it`s wonderful and it leads to a fairly sizable site. The main page also features a selection of random updates that they put in there because they felt like it. It`s like a grab bag of the content on the site so have a good time.

That random listing is a little bit annoying though because it`s the only way to look through the content outside of the updates list. It`s definitely the only way to look through the content where you have pictures of the models so you can get a preview before clicking and checking out the pictures or videos. They should put together a search function so users can easily access the girls by their physical traits. Searching by hair color, body type, breast size and maybe clothing type would be enough for me. A little something to make it easier to get right to the content I want to see is always a pleasure on a site.

The talk about each of the girls having at least 500 pictures was a bit premature since that`s clearly not the case inside. They also have preview pictures of the girls that aren`t found in any of the galleries so I would imagine they`re holding some content back for future updates, which is smart. Maybe before long all the babes will have those 500 pictures.

There`s a nice page for each model where you can access all her picture galleries and videos. It starts with a big picture at the top to give you a look at her pretty face and then there`s a little write-up that mentions something about the girl, whether it be the photographer`s experience with her or why a milf would lie about her age. It`s a little bit of information that only makes the site more fun because you have a connection with the models. Below that they list all the videos and picture sets with the date they were added, the browsing options for the picture sets and the download options for the videos.

The pictures are great looking at 1600px (older pictures are 1400px) and for the most part they`re shot in sparse environments so you`re going to spend most of your concentration on the chick. She`s always going to look hot, as naughty girls like this often do, and you`re not going to want to look away because it`s just too much fun to ogle the beautiful babes. The photographer is fond of getting up close and personal with the babes so you won`t get tons of full body shots. You might love it and you might hate it. It reminds me of gonzo porn where they try to get the camera in really close to make it feel like you`re there during the scene.

The videos are equally beautiful at 1280x720, which is high definition. They can be downloaded at that resolution or a something smaller if you want to save time. You can also grab a QuickTime version of the file. The videos are generally fairly short and they show the girls doing stripteases and chatting a little bit and generally showing off. What I found interesting was that in many of the videos you could see that the girls are amateurs because they looked a little bit uncomfortable. It was like they didn`t quite know what to do to get a man fully aroused. There was something really appealing about that though.

The folks behind Cosmid must have a thing for big boobs because just about every model is sporting a sizable rack. There are lots of babes registering with a D cup or more and most of them are all natural. Most of the girls get topless so you can see their big and beautiful titties and some get fully nude and you can see their pussies. There are lots of ass shots too. In general the girls are wearing fairly simple outfits like t-shirts and jeans or tank tops and short shorts. They mix it up, of course, but there aren`t a ton of overly sexual looks. I did enjoy the small selection of lingerie sets though.

They take requests via email. You can ask for a particular model, outfit, location or situation and they will do their best to make your requests a reality. There`s no guarantee that they`ll get anything done but if they like your idea I`m sure you`ll see it in front of the camera. Occasionally they`ll ask you questions about a model they`re thinking about shooting, etc, so you can give your feedback and affect the course of the site.

Croco’s Opinion

The girls of Cosmid are amateurs and it shows. I don`t mean that in a bad way but most of them are not quite as beautiful as the babes you see in porn or in centerfold galleries. That`s how it`s supposed to be though. The porn babes are all airbrushed and overly made up and these babes are natural. This is a site for guys that crave that natural look. They deliver very well on that and it`s worth having a look if you want them. They have more than 60 models and most have at least a few picture galleries while about half have videos. The movies are high quality, the picture galleries are high quality and the natural amateur girls are fantastic. This is one of the few sites to come through on the initial promise of the tour.


Navigating the site is a breeze, although a search function would significantly improve it.

Pricing Policy

It`s $20 per month, which is a bargain.

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